Drone Wedding Videography

Typically, they have very powerful cameras strapped to them. Drones are also known as "unmanned aircraft." And couples are increasingly looking to make them a part of their weddings.

Are you looking for unique out-of-the-box wedding Videography? Then adding a drone to your wedding Videography will capture your magical day from an angle that you will never be able to see otherwise. Imagine seeing your entire wedding party, guests, décor, and venue as if you were soaring above like a bird in the sky. No longer are the days where you need to charter a helicopter to get an establishing shot! Wedding drone Videography allows all of this happen at a fraction of the cost!

Reasons Why You Should Choose LUSOMedia For Your Drone Wedding Videography

Not only can LUSOMedia Studio provide you with beautiful Video from up in the sky. Our drones fly over your wedding and capture the beautiful surroundings and unique architecture of your venue. Not only that, it gives your guests a new and fun interactive way to be in your wedding video.

 “You’ve spent months on details, now keep your wedding Video forever.” There’s no better way to look at all the details and see it all come together than from up above!

We Recently added a Drone to our Wedding Packages.

Please call us for more information about adding a drone to your wedding package!

With a LUSOMedia Wedding Package you can add on a drone for $200 for the first Hour, $50 for each additional Half Hour